Brain Attack Music

A true story of stroke survival

The Boy In The Bubble

This whole project is forcing me to learn music theory, something which I have avoided during my entire musical career!!  I have a good grasp of time signatures, subdivisions and things like metric modulation (all part of ‘must have’ knowledge for a drummer), but I have never been too fussed with understanding about suspended chords, for example.  Until now.  I am indebted to the videos on You Tube from Michael New.  (Check him out and support him here ).  He has helped me understand so much, not just with his knowledge but how he explains things.  He is very articulate and engaging.  Top work - thank you, Michael.

Beyond major and minor, I am yet to tackle the various scales (Ionian, Dorian, Aeolian, Pentatonic, Catatonic, Ginandtonic and Pythagorean – OK, I made up the last three!) but age teaches one where to draw the line, and it is very firmly drawn there.  I’m approaching 60 and have brain damage, so it’s probably not a good idea to tax myself too much!

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“These are the days of miracle and wonder”.