Brain Attack Music

A true story of stroke survival

Driven To Tears

In this blog I look at the initial realisation that there as many emotional issues to contend with as there are physical ones in understanding just what the hell has happened in the immediate aftermath of suffering a stroke.  It involves being in a World War Two bomber, the study of wheelchair technique and the first ever 15 yard marathon.  Read on!

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Don't Give Up

As a stroke survivor, what does “recovery” mean to you?  Are your expectations too great?  Is your definition of “recovery” fair on yourself?  In this blog, I look at how we survivors define “recovery”, as I think how we define this word is vital to making the best of a bad situation.

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The Colour Of Spring

Understandably, there is much talk about the devastation stroke can cause.  In this blog I examine the upside of being a stroke survivor and what those upsides are for me.  It involves communing with nature, a totally unique way of avoiding traffic jams, the novelist Sir Walter Scott and laminated spreadsheets.  You can’t not read this, can you?

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I Don't Remember

In this blog I talk about suffering from a poor memory but not remembering that I suffer from a poor memory.  This can be quite problematic, like doing a whole bunch of things twice but not knowing that you’ve done them twice until many months later.  And then the shock of finding that out!

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Land Of Confusion

In this blog I look at medical jargon and try to understand it, using my own hospital discharge notes as a starting point.  Bizarrely, it includes a solo version of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ being sung in ICU and a pirate trying to read.  Now, that’s got your attention, hasn’t it?

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